From Boiling Water to a New Idea

Entropy States Art Piece

Entropy is known as “a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.”,

Wow! That’s a pretty heavy definition. So what the above expression means is that everything in the universe and in our lives, evolves to a maximum level of equilibrium and eventually moves from order to disorder. So Entropy is the measurement of that change.

Everything that constitutes life… Life, Death, Processes could be measured in Entropy terms. There is a load of research I have done previously for this experience that you can read here ( but the best way I found to visually explain this process was boiling water!

I boiled some water to explain Entropy and burned my hands holding my Canon…Ouch!

Yep! That kinda hurt. Ouch! The best way of explaining Entropy is maybe using the example of boiling water or the “increase in entropy upon vaporisation of a liquid”. Wikipedia,

So I got an old pan, my Canon EOS and some courage and started to shoot images… one by one from still water to boiling water, vapour and an empty pan left with the colour powder I put in the water to optimise effects. I introduced several objects in the pan to observe effects and power forces in the system (the pan).

Water boiling phases

I finally digitalised the best photos and extracted patterns.

Patterns selected
Creation of brushes with Adobe Illustrator

I then added the secret element… feelings, personality and Design skill to create a Digital Experience that expresses this process of Entropy. The result is a an ever lasting creation of new ideas with patterns already achieved.

Entropy Art Piece
Entropy Digital Prints

If you enjoy this Digital Experience get a print or wear this Digital Experience with some 100% original Art. If interested contact me on the email address

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