What is?

What is – Variability of our Perception and Use of Objects. How do we perceive objects? Does an object have an absolute meaning? Cover Project

Has a Human Being I was obsessed with Absolute Meanings. The Absolute gives us security but does that security really exist? With this project I proposed to investigate the variability of our perception and use of objects, the way objects have been developed in response to its interaction with people as users.

Does an object have absolute meaning?


Can these meanings be changed? When and how that process happens? To understand the given reference meaning of objects and compare, it to the real way we use them.

Is this reference social, cultural, historic? Is it personal, individual, or both? What is the relationship they have? What is the process? Is it a static or continuous changing process?


The limitations and defining characteristics of objects, the things that they can mean, the ways they can be used, and the point at which we would cease to recognise them as being an object at all.

Understanding the concept of object, the relationships people have with objects, what they mean for people, how do people perceive objects.

Initially, I thought there were emotional and cognitive attachments to the way people perceived objects. This information would give me important input about how objects could be designed in a more innovative and successful way.

I think trying to understand the way people perceive objects, and use them, is one of the most important foundations for great design, and also knowing the boundaries, if there are any, can challenge the designer to break them and create something innovative.

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